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Gotta love technology (Raymond)

I am kind of ashamed to admit that having free access to a computer for so long did in fact make me spoiled. Well lil ol betsy finally decided to give in after 6 or 7 years and I was left without a computer with no immediate access to one whenever I wanted it. Nor did I have a tablet, what I had in fact was an old smartphone that I could connect to my wireless and essentially use as an ipod.

as some background information I have rather large hands and attempting to type on a 3 inch touch screen is like watching a gorilla do ballet. Not to mention I think the phone was a good five years old so it ran like a snail. This all may sound like mindless complaining but being in the midst of an LDR makes you very dependent on technology.

It limited how much I could talk to Reagan, it limited how much we could skype, and doing anything else such as watching movies together was kind of out the window. While I was only out of a working computer for about two weeks it did teach me to appreciate the thing that a lot of people consider a basic check list item. Had i been the age I am now 15 years ago when personal computers were still just really getting started I most likely wouldn’t have met Reagan. For that I am grateful for the randomness of the universe that put me where I am at this very moment.


we are alive.

Reagan and I are both alive and kicking. school has been a major pain in the neck though as both Reagan and I graduate this year, she just turned 18,  (on the 23rd of march) so alas we are the same age again, more posts should be coming soon now that it looks like things are relaxing a bit.

Stop romanticizing LDRs. They’re not all happy sappy beautiful like some people make it seem to be. They’re tough, heartbreaking and emotional. Saying goodbye after every time you meet again, unsupportive family and friends, not knowing when you’ll meet again because plane tickets are so fucking expensive, being judged and not taken seriously, it breaks my heart little by little. I wouldn’t want to trade my LDR for anything in the world, because what we have, our love, is beautiful and stronger than anything, but having my significant other closer would be so much easier.. I wouldn’t wish distance upon any couple, because it’s hell.. It’s a beautiful nightmare.

I saw this, and I do agree. But what relationship is ever perfect? None. I like mine not being perfect though. :)

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